Lowcountry Fox Hunt


Tom Lufkin, W4DAX holds a 2 Mtr Fox Hunt near Charleston SC each February May August and November.

The Fox Hunt frequency is 146.58 Mhz.

The starting time is 1 PM Local

The starting location is announced prior to each humt.

The winner is determined by the lowest odomotor reading from starting point to foxden.

A very nice award is given to the winner.

November 10th 2012 Foxhunt

February 23rd 2013 Foxhunt

May 11th 2013 Foxhunt

August 25th 2013 Foxhunt

November 24th Foxhunt

February 23rd foxhunt

May 25th 2014 Foxhunt

To learn more about Foxhunting visit these Links

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